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AARC Open Sweep Program
AARC Rowers aim to "row as one" to improve technique throughout every single week of the season, both individually and as a rowing community.
  • Previous rowing experience* or permission from Open Head Coach
  • Club membership:
    • Full member (paid) OR
    • Novice member (with permission from Open Head Coach)
  • Enroll and pay for seasonal programs (Current Fees)
  • Please read our Refund Policy prior to committing to a program

*For those new to AARC with previous rowing experience, please contact to schedule a guest row to determine best fit.

Program Description
The Open Program is suitable for rowers with experience and those who have progressed from the Technical Sweep Program. The head coach of Open Sweep Program will define the criteria for participation in the program (entry and continuation) and collaborate with the head coach of the Technical Sweep Program to ensure rowers are being developed to that skill set. Open practices are focused on improving fitness and developing more advanced rowing techniques. 

All Open rowers have the opportunity to represent AARC at various regattas in both the summer and fall water seasons.

In April and May Open and Competitive rowers will practice together. 
Open Practice Schedule (April-May)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning (5:15-7 AM) Coached Captains' Coached Captains' Coached
Evening (6:15-8 PM) Coached Coached Captains' Coached Captains'
Open Practice Schedule (June-August)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
Morning (5:15-7 AM)   Captains'   Captain's Captains'    
Evening (6:15-8 PM)  Coached Coached   Captains'  Coached Captains'     
Evening (9:45-11:30 AM)               Captains'
Open Practice Schedule (September-October 22)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday Sunday
Morning (5:15-7 AM)
Evening (6:15-8 PM) Coached Coached   Coached Captains'  
Evening (9:45-11:30 AM)

What's a Captains' Practice?


Captains will be elected to coordinate during un-coached practice sessions through all on-water seasons.  Captains will relay the coach’s workout plan and make any necessary adjustments to the line-ups.  They also will communicate with coxswains and safety launch drivers and make sure that the un-coached practices run safely and smoothly.  During the Competitive season (June - October 22), Open and Competitive rowers will be combined in line-ups during Captain's practices.

All AARC rowers are expected to contribute to practices by either coxing boats or driving safety launches. Please read the information linked below and remember to take the coxing quiz (located on the home page).
Advance sign-up for practices
Advance sign-up helps make the most of practice time. It facilitates effective line-ups and avoids the need for rowers to switch in/out of boats and send rowers home. To be assigned a seat in practice, rowers must sign up with their availability by noon, Thursday the week prior. A schedule of daily line-ups will be posted on the club’s website on the home page. It is important to check schedule on website before practice for changes.
Sign up for Open Sweep Rowing

Attendance at pre-scheduled practices is mandatory.  Please refer to Attendance Policy for Sweep Rowing
 MonTuesWed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Morning (5:30-7 AM)        Evening (6:30-8 PM)        
 MonTuesWed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Morning (5:30-7 AM)        Evening (6:30-8 PM)        

AARC endeavors to make rowing accessible to the broad community.  Scholarships are available to those with financial need to support participation.  
AARC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations made to AARC may be eligible for tax deduction.  Please check with your tax consultant.
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